Lucia Pallacio meets Anthony Falco at Coney Island and it's love at first sight. Though her mobster father, Vincent Pallacio, forbids her to see Anthony and threatens to harm him, she disobeys. After learning she must marry her father's rival, she and Anthony run away. Her father's goons find them. They take her back to her father and leave Anthony for dead. Lucia attempts suicide, but is found by her mother. Forced to marry Carlo Guerriero, who treats her like a secondhand possession, Lucia becomes a prisoner in his Staten Island home and is expected to meet his every sexual desire. She begins to think about suicide again and this desire to die intensifies when she discovers she's pregnant. Only the baby is Anthony's. With the help of Carlo's housekeeper, Lucia fights to protect her baby and survive her life with Carlo as she learns the reason behind her strange arranged marriage.
Find out what happens when Romeo and Juliet meet the Godfather.
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Jill N. Noble "Senior Editor/Co-Owner - NRP, LLC"
This review is from: The Promise (Kindle Edition)
Author Candace Gold has written an epic tale of star-crossed lovers who must overcome astronomical odds if they wish to be together.

The Promise started a little slow for my taste, to be honest with you, because I prefer a more intense, fast-paced plot. But once things get rolling, the story took me on a journey I'll not soon forget. I can still "see" these characters in my head, and I read this book several weeks ago, so that should tell you something. :-) The villain is nasty, but not a caricature, and you really do wonder if Lucia and Anthony are going to have their happily ever after. I thoroughly enjoyed The Promise, and I recommend this book for those who like longer, "second chances" stories with an "epic" feel.