Candy Caine
(Book Two of Two: Once in a Blue Moon Anthology) Dawn Thompson, DeborahAnne MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, Gerri Bowen, Ann Marie Bradley, Candace Gold, Sherrie Holmes, Victoria Houseman, Patty Howell, Jill & Julia, Judith Laik, Jacquie Rogers, Michelle Scaplen, Kemberlee Shortland, Jeanne Van Arsdall

Genre: Romance Anthology
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0974624977

Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon

By Candace Gold

Reviewed by Kenda Montgomery Official Reviewer for The Mystic Castle

Some things are just meant to be, while others rush through our lives with the bittersweet longing of youth. At age nineteen, Nadine Stone thought her summer fling with Michael Greene was meant to last a lifetime, the kind of instant love that is sure and solid. When family tragedy strikes, she is torn from the world she so dearly loved and loses contact with the boy that she lost her heart to. She wanders through life for many years, wondering if the only choice she has left is to settle for the next best thing. Though she's come to love her life, there's something missing and it takes her coming full circle under a blue moon to find what her heart has been crying out for.

This was a riveting story from start to finish-then I went back and read it again! Author Gold deftly uses first point of view to delve deep into our heroine, connecting the reader in way that nb other point of view allows. We are literally walking every step ofNadine'_ emotions and inner turmoil, a very interesting way to connect and look at the story. Gold's subtle wit and poignant writing is not to be missed. Look for her story in the anthology "Blue Moon Enchantment': and be sure to pick up the first in the series, "Blue Moon Mag:ic" as well. Bravo. Ms. Gold. for a touching and entertaining read!

TITLE: Blue Moon Enchantment

AUTHOR: Various

ISBN: 0974624977

4.5 STARS!

***** This is the second book in the Blue Moon anthology series. The first, titled "Blue Moon Magic", was released only a few months ago and is still selling wildly. I predict that this companion book will do as well. Short stories are even harder to write than full length novels and this anthology has FIFTEEN magical tales by various authors. If you want some sweet dreams, read one of two of these stories just before bed. Terrific! *****


(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burroughs, Jill & Julie, Jacquie Rogers, Victoria Houseman, Judith Laik, Michelle Scaplen, Ann Marie Bradley, Sherrie Holmes, Patty Howell, Gerri Bowen, Jeanne Van Arsdall, Kemberlee Shortland, Candace Gold, and DeborahAnne MacGillivray
ISBN: 0-9746-2497-7
September 3, 2006
Highland Press
Romance Anthology
Trade Paperback

Rating: Four Shamrocks

Legend has it that a blue moon is enchanted. What happens when fifteen talented authors utilize this theme to create enthralling stories of love?

Candace Gold's bittersweet tale demonstrates how enduring love really is. Nadine's continued memory of the bliss she once shared with Michael is simply beautiful. The emotional impact of Beneath the Velvet Moon will leave nary a reader with a dry eye!

BLUE MOON ENCHANTMENT is a wonderful, themed anthology filled with phenomenal stories by fifteen extraordinarily talented authors. Readers will find a wide variety of time periods and styles showcased in this superb anthology. BLUE MOON ENCHANTMENT is sure to offer a little bit of something for everyone!

Reviewed by Debbie

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